Thursday, 31 October 2013

Makeup Vending Machines in NYC

Don't worry anymore if you forgot your make up in the morning while rushing to work or if you have an unexpected party to attend. L'Oréal Paris launches a Makeup Vending Machines in NYC subway. 

The vending machine will be placed during upcoming Monday through the end of December at 42nd Street/ Bryant Park. This location is chosen because of its proximity to Fifth Avenue and tourist traffic as well as its history as a host for New York Fashion Week, according to the representatives for the company. 

The greatest thing about this vending machine that is an interactive one, featuring a full-length mirror and a high-tech vending machine full of beauty products. You step in front of the mirror, and digital animations featuring potential makeup combinations will pop up next to your image and offer products -  which you can buy on the spot - that either 'Match' or 'Clash' with whatever you are wearing. The machines feature various eye, lip and nail products from L'Oréal's Colour Riche collection as well as the brand's newly launched Voluminous Butterly mascara. 

How great is this! You not only can buy make up on the spot, the machine gives you advice as well!

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