Thursday, 7 November 2013

Vintage New York City

Here are just a few great pictures I found while surfing on the internet. I think these are so interesting and make me extremely curious how the lives where back then. On the pictures it looks all charming, but I bet the people had a tough live. I found more interesting pictures, but I will save those for later. 

This is believed to be the earliest photograph of NYC. It is taken in May 1850 at Broadway between Franklin and Leonard Streets. I am always interested in history and especially the history of a big city like New York. It is interesting to see how a city developed from a small village to a metropole. Look at the buildings at the left which are built in a great style. And at the right it looks like there are restaurants or shops. 

This is the largest private residence ever built in New York City and was owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt II. The mansion stood at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street from 1883 to 1927, after which it was bulldozed to make way for Bergdorf Goodman. The gate in front of the mansion was saved and is now the main entrance to Central Park's Conservatory Garden. The mansion looks enormous and I am so curious how the it looked inside, think of all the great treasures you will find. Do you see the oldtimer on the left, how lovely! 

This is one of my favourite streets in NYC; Bleecker Street. This picture was taken in 1925 when the neighbourhood was Italian with groceries, fish stores and bakeries. The building is located on Bleecker and Christopher Streets. According to one of my favourite websites, it is a grocery shop and the crates are placed in the shade of the canopy. I love this picture and who could thought back then that this street is now the place to be to buy your designer handbag or eat a delicious cupcake.  

Can you guess which place in NYC this is? It is Times Square when the Times building was finished in 1908. Look at the space! Nowadays Times Square is packed with tourists, shops and traffic. Back then, the people took it easy with their carriages with 3 horses (see left). The greatest thing about this picture is the gentlemen with the stylish hat who is posing in front of the Times building; 105 years later we are still doing this!
(Pics from Pinterest, and Ephemeral New York)

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