Thursday, 5 December 2013

NYC's Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Yesterday a 76-foot Christmas tree was set to lit at Rockefeller Center in NYC. A 75-year old tree was illuminated by 45,000 multi-coloured LED lights and topped with no less than a Swarovski star. It looks fabulous! 

I came across this picture of the first Christmas tree which was set up in 1931 by workers who were building Rockefeller Center. I think this is such a great picture. Nowadays, Christmas time becomes such a circus and everything needs to be bigger, better and more fabulous than last year (I have to admit honestly that I join this circus now and then as well). This picture shows the simplicity of life back then with a slightly messy decorated tree and no festive activities. That is why I love old pictures; they show you how times were before everything we know nowadays and the convenience we live with.

Are you having a Christmas tree this year?

The first Rockefeller Christmas tree in 1931.

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