Friday, 6 December 2013

YSL lips for Christmas

The latest addition to my lipstick department is this gorgeous lipstick from YSL - rouge volupte, red muse. I am so happy with it! The colour is perfect for the holidays. The lipstick is so silky and light; you don't notice that you are wearing any and it lasts a long time. The pigment is amazing, I only have to apply it on my bottom lip and then rub my lips together. The texture is also hydrating so your lips won't dry out. I am not a big fan of the packaging, it looks luxurious but also a bit tacky in my eyes, however, I higly recommend this lipstick. The price tag is quite high, but, especially in this month, there are great discounts shops offer. I got mine with 40% discount. Now, the big question is, do I prefer my oh so beloved Marc Jacobs lipstick, or did I switch to YSL. There are almost no differences, but (I am sorry MJ), I think the lipstick of YSL lasts longer. Having said that, the packaging of Marc Jacobs is way more beautiful.    

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