Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bottega Veneta: powder pink

I get more and more into the powder / pale pink bags nowadays. First I did not exactly know how to combine this colour, but I think that was all due to the cold and rainy weather. For spring and summer, these gorgeous Bottega Veneta bag and pouch would fit perfectly with some grey jeans and a white top. I can already picture myself in that outfit, wearing my sunglasses and soak up some sun! Spring 2014, bring it on!

Buy the Bottega  Veneta leather shoulder bag here and the Bottega Veneta leather pouch here

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  1. i love pale pink and blush bags! that is a beauty!

  2. I cant wait for spring... And I wish I could afford those bags... they're incredible!!


    1. I´m also looking forward to spring! me 2, those bags are goregous!