Tuesday, 22 July 2014

& Other Stories

As you can read in my previous post I visited Antwerp in Belgium for a day and of course I had to do some shopping! I visited & Other Stories, which is the greatest store ever! I heard about this amazing store and I was so happy when I came across the shop in Antwerp! They sell clothes, accessories, beauty products, shoes, bags, well...almost everything! I picked up 2 beauty products which I want to share with you today:

First the Body Scrub Equatorial Dreams. This one reminded me of the Sabon Body Scrub Lemon/Mint, but that one is based on salt. I prefer one that is based on sugar while these are mostly more gentler on the skin. The smell is amazing, it is so fresh. The scrub is great, your skin gets so smooth, even after a day or 2 your skin still feels silky! This one is normally 15 euros, but I bought it in the sale with 50% discount, not bad! 

Of course I had to check out the lipsticks. They had a nice collection and I ended up with this lipstick in the colour 'Calamanco Coral'. Lately I am obsessed with coral lipsticks, don't ask me why! I just think it is a great colour and among coral coloured lipsticks there is a big variety. It is quite long lasting, not as long as the more high-end ones, but it is okay. The colour is lovely and I am also postive about the texture. The packaging is simple with only the name on the bottom of the lipstick, but that fits with the Style of the brand. 

I wanted to shop more at & Other Stories, but is was so crowded. I have to come back for sure! They also have a webshop, check it out here


  1. I love the COLOR of that body scrub. In itself it looks relaxing Danielle! HAHAHAHA Gorgeous shade of lipstick. You got some really nice beauty items :D

    1. The body scrub is amazing! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Looks great! X


  3. I have tried some beauty products from &other stories and they are great. We don't have a shop here but I have bought it online :D