Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Personalise your Clutch

I am a big fan of the clutches from Edie Parker. They are so unique, stylish and fun! Did you know you can also personalise your clutch? Nowadays, almost every brand offers to personalise your handbag, which I think is great! It gives a more unique feeling to your bag. 

You can choose from the collection 'Bespoke' the model Flavia or Jean to personalise. Just choose the colour of the clutch, hardware, text and the font and there you go! Your unique clutch! Of course you can choose to put your name on the clutch, but ladies who want to stay anonymous can also go for a fun word. 

To personalise the Flavia model will cost you 1795 and the Jean model costs 1595. Perhaps this one goes on the wishlisht ;)


  1. those are so pretty. nothing like personalization.

  2. This is such a cute idea! Great way to add that personal touch. xx/Madison
    Detox Days