Monday, 26 January 2015

Mary Katrantzou

Today I want to show you the gorgeous handbags of Mary Katrantzou. This colourful designer was born in Greece and moved to USA to study architecture and textile design. Her signature style are prints used both in her clothes and accessories. Her show in 2008 was influenced by trompe l’oeil prints which is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted object exists in 3D. In the past Mary Katrantzou also worked together with Longchamp creating a capsule collection of their signature bags and totes. Check the link to view these bags, I just simply love them! I think you can only buy these on E-bay nowadays. As you can see, her handbags are full of colour and prints. The bags will fit perfectly with a more simple outfit so the bag will be the centre of attention. The first cross body and the flamingo print clutch are definitely my favourites. Happy Monday! 


  1. I love the yellow & aqua one. Also the brown & green one. So gorgeous!

  2. Hello dear, Nice blog and post.I like the first bag very much! :) I followed you on Pinterest and on Bloglovin. It would be really nice if you followed me back.


  3. Her style truly is unique, I like blocked colored purses best. Very chic!