Saturday, 17 January 2015

Tiny New York Apartments

New York Apartments... I can’t get enough of it! I dream about my own apartment in the city which is bright, at the perfect location and spacious. But I think I need to adjust my dream a little bit, because most (affordable) apartments are far beyond spacious. However, it is a challenge to make the most of a small space and therefore I love to see how other’s decorating their tiny apartments. This two-bedroom West-Village apartment is very small but the owners made something beautiful of it. I love all the paintings and illustrations throughout the house. Furthermore, it has an eclectic atmosphere and because of the green wall in the living room it makes a pleasant environment! I love it! 

Source pictures, click here

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  1. I love seeing the inside of NYC apartments! They're always so charming. I can't get over the prices they pay! A one bedroom is astronomical! HaHaHa But there's so much to do in NYC. It's worth it.