Breakfast inspiration #3

Waking up in the morning means only 1 thing: breakfast! As you know, oatmeal and smoothie bowls are my favourites. But now and then I opted for a more savoury choice: the o-so simple yet delicious avocado on toast. It is delicious, simple, nutritious and did I already mentioned delicious!

My favourite work-out

I started a few years ago with the well-known BBG guide from Kayla. Boy, the first 3 weeks it was so hard! I worked out before but this was intense! After the first few weeks I started to like these HITT trainings and saw results so I continued and I even started the second guide. At the moment I don’t follow the guides anymore but sometimes when I want a quick but effective workout I take the guide and choose a full body one and every time I’m exhausted but feeling great at the same time.

At the moment I combine HITT with weight training which is a good balance for me. I combine these two during the week and follow a boxing class to improve my stamina. Boxing is something I love so much! The energy you get from it is amazing!

There are days that I do a quick workout at home. I search for a YouTube clip or follow the workouts from the app Fitbit coach from my Fitbit. Easy, quick and effective.

Because I will participate in an obstacle run in May I’m already working on having more strength in my arms. Those exercises are pretty though but I (in the end) like it because you see progression very quick. Pull-ups, push-ups, bent-over rows, all these exercises are in my workout schedule at the moment.

As you see I have phases of what I like, but HITT and boxing class will definitely be my favourite! What’s your favourite work-out?
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How to deal with January

Blue Monday is behind us but it is still January which means it is winter, it is cold, rainy days and no fun holidays to look further to. You wish January was over and it became February where at least the month is shorter by a few days.

But wait a minute, let's make the best of January. It is such a shame not to enjoy these days and wait for something better to come. A few tips:

→ In the winter it is quite difficult to work-out. It is dark when you wake up and cold, but just go! It gives you more energy which you need during the winter. Especially in January, gyms are offering discounts so let's try that new boxing class!

→ Make a vision/mood board for 2018. No need to flip through magazines, use scissors and get glue all over you; just make one online. I love Pinterest for example, before you know it you are clicking away.

→ Light candles and decorate your home with fairy lights. Christmas might be over but there is no need to store your fairy lights. You can hang them in your living or bedroom to make it more cosy. Light a few candles and you feel warm and comfortable.

→ Make some time available to treat yourself. Buy a nice face mask, paint your nails and use a nice scrub. You feel instantly better.

→  Try out some new recipes and organize a dinner party. Dinner parties can also happen in January not only in December. Go for some healthy options like a pumpkin soup, homemade bread with hummus and a raw dessert.

Enjoy January!

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Breakfast Inspiration #2

The best thing about waking up? Breakfast!

Have a good start of the day with this blueberrie smoothie bowl. One of my favorite ' recipes'. I can hardly name it a recipe, it is so simple! 

- 1 cup of oats
- 1 banana
- one handful of (frozen) blueberries
- water or (plant based) milk

Blend all these ingredients together. If it is too thick just add some more water/milk or you can use ice cubs as well to make it extra cold. If you have acai powder put a tablespoon through the mix. Top it off with what you like! You can use peanut butter, cacao powder, fruits, nuts, seeds, everything you like, there are no rules! 

I love my foamroller


WHY did I not do this earlier! Wauw I love my foamroller, it is my best friend nowadays. It helps me so much to relax my muscles, especially my calves, and get rid of muscle pain faster. You think I'm exaggerating right? But believe me, start to use a foamrol today!

I give you a few benefits to convince you:

- it helps against muscle pain and to recover fast
- it improves your mobility and flexibility
- it improves to have a better blood circulation
- it reduces stress

I found this YouTube clip for a full body formal ' workout' and it is one of my favorites, especially the glutes and back part. Personally I advice to go straight for the roll with trigger points, I know it can be very painful but it is better for you than the ' smooth'  ones. If you experience any pain you can reduce the pressure on the foamrol. In time you will get use to the ' pain'  and in the end you will love it!

How to get more energy

Sometimes you are full of energy, you feel light and happy and sometimes there are those days that even putting some clothes on is too much. You have no energy at all. How to get more energy and keep it? And no... you don't necessarily have to go to the gym, there are other ways (but working out will definitely help you get more energized, but that is for another time). 

First of all, eating food full of vitamins and minerals is so important. Have some blueberries (my fav) with your breakfast, drink enough water during the day, eat veggies two times a day and have a hand full of mixed nuts. It doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. 

Fresh air is another thing that is so important. Especially during winter time you are dreading to go outside but go! The fresh air will give so much more energy than another cup of coffee or chocolate bar. If you are working in an office it can be difficult to catch some fresh air, but try to go outside, even if it is just for 10 minutes.

Lastly, do things you love. Not everyone is having their dream job, but try to focus on the things that makes you happy and energized besides your work. Cooking, boxing, having game nights with friends, home decorating, planning your next trip abroad etc. Focus on those things and enjoy these moments. It gives you energy and positivity which will lead to more energy! 
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Happiness is...

Happiness is...

... feeling the sun on your face in winter

... scented candles (this is my all time favourite)

... the feeling after a heavy workout

... feeling energized

... a new episode of your favorite TV show

... finally able to watch Friends on Netflix

... receive a postcard

... feeling free on a swing in Bali

What is your happiness?


I love mornings.. especially in the weekends when you can spend the whole morning in your pajamas, making a cup of tea, have some breakfast and start the day feeling relaxed. The silence, the sunrise, the start of a new day, I love it! During the week when I have to go to work, it is more difficult to have such a laid back morning but I try to have it anyway. I set my alarm at least 1.5 hour before I have to leave for work. I hate rushing in the morning and this helps me to have a relax start and feel energized. By the way, did you know morning persons are more productive, happier and have the chance to get more successful? That souds not too bad… so I decided to set my alarm at 06.00 a few mornings during the week to do some yoga, foam rolling, reading whatever comes to mind. Let’s see whether I get more productive and successful. I will keep you posted!
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Breakfast Inspiration #1

I'm a huge breakfast fan; it is my favorite meal of the day and I never ever skip it. My favorite breakfast are definitely oats. It not only helps me to stay full for longer, it is also full of vitamins like vitamin B, magnesium, minerals and antioxidants. Besides all these health benefits it is just delicious! Just add some fruits, seeds and some peanut butter and you are ready to have an awesome day! No time to make oats in the morning? Just make the well-known and so simple overnight oats:

Water or (plant based) milk (at least the same amount of oats)
Frozen fruit (blueberries are my absolute favourite)
Just mix and set it in the fridge... voila! In the morning you put some honey/peanut butter on top of it and you are ready to go!