I love mornings.. especially in the weekends when you can spend the whole morning in your pajamas, making a cup of tea, have some breakfast and start the day feeling relaxed. The silence, the sunrise, the start of a new day, I love it! During the week when I have to go to work, it is more difficult to have such a laid back morning but I try to have it anyway. I set my alarm at least 1.5 hour before I have to leave for work. I hate rushing in the morning and this helps me to have a relax start and feel energized. By the way, did you know morning persons are more productive, happier and have the chance to get more successful? That souds not too bad… so I decided to set my alarm at 06.00 a few mornings during the week to do some yoga, foam rolling, reading whatever comes to mind. Let’s see whether I get more productive and successful. I will keep you posted!
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