How to deal with January

Blue Monday is behind us but it is still January which means it is winter, it is cold, rainy days and no fun holidays to look further to. You wish January was over and it became February where at least the month is shorter by a few days.

But wait a minute, let's make the best of January. It is such a shame not to enjoy these days and wait for something better to come. A few tips:

→ In the winter it is quite difficult to work-out. It is dark when you wake up and cold, but just go! It gives you more energy which you need during the winter. Especially in January, gyms are offering discounts so let's try that new boxing class!

→ Make a vision/mood board for 2018. No need to flip through magazines, use scissors and get glue all over you; just make one online. I love Pinterest for example, before you know it you are clicking away.

→ Light candles and decorate your home with fairy lights. Christmas might be over but there is no need to store your fairy lights. You can hang them in your living or bedroom to make it more cosy. Light a few candles and you feel warm and comfortable.

→ Make some time available to treat yourself. Buy a nice face mask, paint your nails and use a nice scrub. You feel instantly better.

→  Try out some new recipes and organize a dinner party. Dinner parties can also happen in January not only in December. Go for some healthy options like a pumpkin soup, homemade bread with hummus and a raw dessert.

Enjoy January!

(Source pic: Pinterest)

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