My favourite work-out

I started a few years ago with the well-known BBG guide from Kayla. Boy, the first 3 weeks it was so hard! I worked out before but this was intense! After the first few weeks I started to like these HITT trainings and saw results so I continued and I even started the second guide. At the moment I don’t follow the guides anymore but sometimes when I want a quick but effective workout I take the guide and choose a full body one and every time I’m exhausted but feeling great at the same time.

At the moment I combine HITT with weight training which is a good balance for me. I combine these two during the week and follow a boxing class to improve my stamina. Boxing is something I love so much! The energy you get from it is amazing!

There are days that I do a quick workout at home. I search for a YouTube clip or follow the workouts from the app Fitbit coach from my Fitbit. Easy, quick and effective.

Because I will participate in an obstacle run in May I’m already working on having more strength in my arms. Those exercises are pretty though but I (in the end) like it because you see progression very quick. Pull-ups, push-ups, bent-over rows, all these exercises are in my workout schedule at the moment.

As you see I have phases of what I like, but HITT and boxing class will definitely be my favourite! What’s your favourite work-out?
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